Define Vitamin A Resurfacing Treatment

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Cosmedix Define Vitamin A resurfacing treatment is a unique blend of gentle acids and 2% L-Retinol A provides a powerful motivation for change in your skin. The secret is in enhancing the penetration of these actives to maximize collagen production and minimize irritation. Cosmedix Define exfoliates epidermal cells, remodels epidermis and dermis, reduces acne, stimulates fibroblast production.

For all skin types, including acne, sun damage, dull/lifeless skin, rosacea and hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients: L-lactic Acid, Albumin, L-retinol AGP, L-malic Acid, L-tartaric Acid, D-alpha-tocopherol, D-Aloe Vera Extract, L-apha-bisabolol, Fullerenes

Contraindications: Pregnant & Nursing
Please note: Use 1x every third night for the first weeks of application.

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