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Cosmedix Opti Crystal formally Eye Believe is the ultimate eye serum and the only one you will ever want to use. Eye Believe protects and purifies, loaded with antioxidants, collagen/elastin/GAG stimulating, emollient/moisture binding. Opti Crystal from Cosmedix Cosmeceuticals is an excellent eye treatment serum that reduces fine lines and replenishes damaged, thinning skin around your eye.
Can be used around lips to reduce fine lines too! Eye Believe combines the protective qualities of Liquid Crystals and Spin Trap with the collagen/elastin stimulating and repairing properties of Copper Peptides and Alpha Lipoic Acid. The Liquid Crystals help replace the skin’s natural barrier which is often thinned around the eyes and lips.

Active Ingredients:
Liquid Crystals, Spin Trap, Alpha lipoic acid, Coconut Extracts, Copper peptides: Copper Salicylate, Copper Amino Acids, Copper Gluconate, Chlorophyllin Copper.

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