Pure Enzymes Exfoliating Mask


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This Pure Enzymes Exfoliating Mask is gentle, exfoliating mask harnesses the natural power of Cranberry enzymes and L-Lactic acid to tenderly scrub away facial impurities, leaving your skin smooth and renewed. Potent moisturizers add dewy softness to acne prone skin without pore clogging oils. It works as a super exfoliation treatment, giving anti-bacterial protection, antioxidant, also smoothes/calms.

Perfect for most skin conditions: Sun damage, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, scaly or flaky skin, acne/acne prone skin, normal skin.


Cranberry (D-Complex), D-gamma tocopherol, D-vacciniin, D-lutein, L-Lactic Acid, D-Glucuronic, L-Glutathione, L-Superoxide Dismutase.

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