Seriously Italian

A little shopping at Eataly and got lucky with these chartreuse beauties. The season for Romanesco can go well into late Novemeber,  This striking edible flower bud  is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. In my opinion this is the ultimate vibrational beauty food. In a class of its own. Not only beautiful on the outside but good and healthy inside too. This vegetable is such an enigma it demands photographing as much as cooking. The color for one is just stunning and the taste is superb.


It’s been cultivated in Italy since the 16th century and a native of Rome.  Loaded with Vitamin A & C, Fiber, B Vitamins, Vit K, Omega Fatty Acids, Magnesium & Protein. All the essentials for glowing skin and a vibrant body. It provides a nice crunchy texture and nutty delicate flavor that is delicious when eaten raw or when added to salads. It can also be steamed or roasted and made into a flavorful vegetable dish. It’s a versatile vegetable so you can cook it like any other green (which is to cook it lightly), making it an easy dish to make.

I prefer steaming if possible, until the florets are tender but still have a slight crunch in the middle (8-10 minutes max). Just  a warning overcooking results in mushy florets and loss of the broccoli’s signature taste.

Go ahead be adventurous and try this new  exotic vegetable today!  Let me know what you think.



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