My Story

My life’s passion is helping people become more aligned with their true essence by discovering total wellness. Skincare is my gateway into this process. Over the years that I have been involved in this work, I have discovered a lot about myself and my own health. Here are a few takeaways:

  • I love being in nature, hiking in the woods or exploring a park with my fur babies.
  • Travel is a window into other worlds and curiosity is a wonderful guide.
  • Balance is essential. I train hard but also meditate and enjoy restorative yoga.
  • A spiritual practice helps us connect to our higher selves. I do a weekly oracle tarot reading and rely on many divination systems for clarity.
  • Fragrance is deeply healing. My favorite scents are rose geranium, ylang ylang and red mandarin.

My  journey and life experience has led me to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and certifications that extends from paramedical aesthetics to  nutritional health, yoga and meditation. I’m a licensed master aesthetician; clinical aromatherapist; a board-certified Holistic Health Coach, accredited by the Association of Drugless Practitioners; a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition affiliated with Columbia University; a massage therapist in the ancient Thai practice of Nuad-Bo Rarn; and a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance.

In 2004, I left the corporate  Bliss Spa where I catered to an exacting, celebrity-studded clientele (Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts were some of the regulars), so I’m familiar with today’s high standards of beauty. Opening my private practice allowed me to create a more intimate setting and pursue my own vision for the future of skincare. Giving me the freedom to give the care and attention needed in order to get significant results for difficult skin and health issues.

My Approach

The world of beauty and wellness is so full of confusing options and conflicting opinions that it can be challenging to know what’s right for you or whose advice to trust. Since its inception my practice was developed with an understanding where nature meets science; a holistic approach to natural skincare that also incorporates advanced technologies and luxurious treatments to deliver the most extraordinary results. With my highly customized strategies, it’s possible to achieve radiant, smooth skin without injectables, harsh chemicals or aggressive surgeries. In addition to more than two decades of experience, I offer my clients the time it takes to really know them, drawing out their stories and building true intimacy. I’m like a detective, piecing together the clues that are your symptoms and all the interrelated factors—diet, stressors, sleep habits, relationships—that affect your skin and your life. This allows me to craft targeted treatments for every session and to work closely with clients who want to make beneficial lifestyle changes.

I draw from all of my comprehensive teachings, but should your needs fall outside my areas of expertise, I can refer you to trusted colleagues, including acupuncturists and naturopaths.

As well as staying  informed on all the latest cosmetic enhancements. I offer judgment-free consultation and guidance for those who would like to use my offerings  in conjunction with more invasive procedures. This frequently includes collaborating with some of the best dermatologists,  plastic surgeons, nurse injectors in New York City on pre- and post-op care.

Happy Clients

“I have been a loyal client of Claudia Colombo for about 16 years! I’m often told I look younger than I am and I owe it all to Claudia. Not only is she a visionary and trailblazer in the world of holistic skincare and well-being but in advanced skincare treatments. Everything you read these days that is “trending” she has educated and/or performed these treatments and concepts years ago. I trust her guidance to help me navigate all sorts of health issues for myself, my family and even my pets. She is a walking wealth of knowledge and not mention beautiful from the inside out!! My monthly treatments with her are sacred!”

—Jennifer Gilbert (43), NYC

“I first met Claudia Colombo in 2012 after a make up artist I was working with recommend her to me. My skin felt stressed from working a lot and all the traveling. I was desperately trying to find a place in New York that I could trust and where I felt safe as I had bad experiences before. From the moment I walked into Claudia’s treatment room I felt relaxed. She created a wonderful space that resonates with my beliefs and after treatment my face is not only glowing but I am deeply relaxed. She combines organic skincare with innovative technologies and I have never had a better facial than with her. Every time I am back in New York I make sure to see Claudia and I highly value her recommendations about skin care treatments and products. She doesn’t throw in gimmicks and works with products that truly work. I have recommended Claudia many times and no one has ever been disappointed. She is truly my skin hero!”

—Vanessa Breuer (32), Model

“In 2005, a friend gifted me a facial with Claudia Colombo—talk about the gift that keeps on giving! I can’t count the number of times since then that I have received compliments on my skin, even now that I am in my mid-fifties. This appeals to my vanity, of course, but in a deeper way it makes me appreciate the ways in which Claudia supports my overall health and vitality. I’m committed to natural skincare, so I greatly value the fact that she is so knowledgeable about a range of modalities and always up-to-date on the latest non-invasive treatments (not to mention beautiful inside and out). I trust her implicitly and she has helped me navigate all sort of issues. I look forward to my visits with Claudia because I come away not only looking radiant but feeling profoundly soothed and healed.”

—Laura Silverman, The Outside Institute

“Claudia Colombo is hard for me to put into words other than I aspire to be more like her in my everyday life. Her commitment to holistic health and beauty and the passion she brings in wanting to educate others is something I have experienced first hand and know I am better for it.”

—Samarah Daher (34), Refinery 29

“Claudia is an insightful, skillful, and extremely nurturing skincare expert. I’ve been seeing Claudia regularly for treatments over the last 13 years, and with each and every visit I leave with my skin looking and feeling dramatically more radiant and glowing! Claudia’s extensive experience, in depth knowledge of holistic /natural remedies (both internal and external), and healing touch make each session a truly therapeutic, and transformative experience. I have referred Claudia to my family and closest friends, and all have mirrored my sentiments.”

—Danielle, New York City

“More than a facial! When I need a reset, I go to Claudia Colombo who has an unbelievably vast repertoire of tools to coax one out of a dull state of affairs. I always look and feel radiant afterwards, but her treatments are not just skin deep. Claudia gives me a lot of positivity. I feel renewed motivation to get back on track after our sessions. Claudia reminds me to continue looking after myself when I seem to have forgotten the importance of doing so. The benefits redound not just to myself but to those whom I care for. Claudia, thank you for taking great care of me and setting such an excellent example and for being such an inspiration.”

—Eileen LaMorte (53), Corcoran Group

“Claudia Colombo was referred to me almost 10 years ago as the facialist I “must go to” after having a less than satisfactory experience at a “celebrity facialist” here in NYC. I fell in love with her treatments, her rock solid skin and nutritional advice, and her healing hands. My skin and I couldn’t be happier. She cuts through the riff raff, gives you only what you need, while also offering you state of the art methods. She will be my facialist for life. And I now I’m the one referring her to all my friends! Trust me, they too have become life long clients!”

—Tanya Zaben (45), Interior Monologue

“Claudia Colombo is a gem in the wholistic skin therapy world. From the moment you step into her studio, you know that you have found a treasure and can feel Claudia’s passion. Her techniques are innovative and state of the art. Her products are the finest, all-natural products available on the market. Clients reap the benefits of her consistent continuing-education and love for the what she does. I have never once received the same facial because she looks deeply at my skin and determines exactly what would benefit me the most that day. It is always fabulously customized to me and my facial needs. My partner and I live in Paris and we still find ourselves on Claudia’s table every time we are in NYC for the perfect combination of skin care and relaxation.”

—Holly Horvath (45)

“I have been a client of Claudia's for fifteen plus years. This is quite simply the best facial you will ever have. Once you have been cared for by her you will not consider a facial anywhere else, no matter where your travels take you or your curiosity leads you. It is that good! Your entire experience with Claudia Colombo is special because she is. She has a gift for this kind of service and for knowing just what you need when she sees you.. Her manner is both professional and comforting. Her studio is lovely, quiet and serene, like her. You emerge from your treatment relaxed and restored, as if you have been away, and this feeling lingers. As you leave her space, you are looking forward to your next visit.”

—Dr. Susan Gonella

“I have been a client of Claudia Colombo for 15 years, and my skin has improved dramatically thanks to her expertise. I am often mistaken for being a decade younger than I am. Claudia’s skin care offers a unique and creative blend of state of the art science and technology with gentle, holistic treatments. Claudia is skilled at analyzing the needs of each individual client and prescribing appropriate facials and products. My appointments with Claudia not only meet my skin care needs….they are my peace and sanity!”

—Debra (62), Bereavement Counselor

“The best facial you will ever have! I’ve been a devoted fan of Claudia’s skin care expertise for over 20 years. She has a gift for giving facials that feel luxurious, while providing the most beneficial, targeted results. I adore the hand and foot massages while “masking.” Plus Claudia only uses products with the finest, purest, cruelty-free ingredients - another reason to feel great about an already wonderful experience.”

—Heather Olson (50)